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Life is Beautiful is less than 5 weeks away!

iLife is Beautiful is less than 5 weeks away!

Maybe you weren’t counting, but I always do these countdowns for events I am thoroughly thrilled about! I mean, look at the line up, J Cole, Empire of the Sun, Mumford and Sons… where else can you get all of these talented artists in one spot in the crazy and entertaining city of Las Vegas? Life is Beautiful is a mixture of not only musical genres, but art, learning, and creativity. And the best part is, it’s not so mainstream in musical taste, you are bound to find new artists to fall in love with.


Personally, I am dying to see the mysterious Zhu. After he dropped “Generationwhy”, his latest album, I have been more and more obsessed. Unfortunately, I missed him at Coachella (it was a zoo to see Zhu), and again for his album release party in my backyard of Orange County, CA. So LIB is my chance! If you haven’t heard this album, which is full of genius lyrics and sounds, creative concepts, and overall aesthetic appeal, I highly recommend it. (If you want to contemplate life while being entertained, listen to Good Life. Other artists we (Crave the Rave) are stoked to see are Gryffin, Chromeo, CID, and the Strumbellas! Check them out, you’ll probably get hooked on their music when you start to explore past their well-known hits. Song suggestions to get you started: Come Alive (Chromeo), No! (CID), Desire Remix (Gryffin), Shovels and Dirt (the Strumbellas).


There are some logistical changes to LIB this year. If you have the GA wristband, you cannot enter/exit the festival throughout the day, one time entry and exit daily. Whereas if you are VIP, ins and outs are still allowed. I’m not sure of the intention of that rule, but just plan accordingly, with clothes, sunscreen, money, water, food, etc. (Maybe invest in a locker?) They have shuttles, bike parking, and other transportation info if you aren’t within walking distance.

Also, new this year, Cirque de soliel will be interacting and performing throughout the venue. If you haven’t had a chance to catch one of their awe-inspiring shows, here is your chance to see them up close and personal! Same as before, there will be comedians and idea speeches (similar to TEDtalks). Last year, they presented the beloved and powerful Bill Nye… the Science Guy. And now the culinary line up is available for viewing. There are some festival classics, like Cousins Maine Lobster, but there are tons of local and newbies filled with sumptuous-looking photos and creative recipes on their menu/social media sites. Check out the LIB culinary list on the official LIB website.

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Stay tuned for more Pre-LIB coverage!

Written by Lisa LaFave