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Life is Beautiful Two Week Update

By Lisa LaFave

Life is Beautiful Two Week Update


Additional festival news in case you missed it: the in and out policy for GA attendees has changed. Due to numerous comments, LIB updated the policy to allow for one exit and re-entry into the festival per day. You will need to exit and re-enter before 9 pm and make sure you scan out of the system. For VIP attendees, your in and out policy has remained the same (regular in and out privileges). I think that this update is a smart idea. It shows that the festival is listening to its customers, but at the same time they are compromising to keep business steady. Overall it will keep people safer and keep lines shorter throughout the day.


Be on the lookout for your wristbands in the mail. Download the app and prepare for your trip to maximize your fun. Here’s a tip from our experience last year: check into your hotel on Thursday. Trust us, you’ll be very happy when you’re leaving for your breakfast (or lunch) and see that the check in line goes out the door and that the wait time is 2+ hours on Friday. Thankfully we did that last year and I gleefully had the luxury of taking my time to get ready before the festival on Friday.

The highly anticipated set times for LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL have arrived! We are less than two weeks away and the excitement is building. Take a look at the posted set times on the APP and start planning your days NOW!


Take note, this may be the last time to see Die Antwoord perform live. The band just announced that they are taking an indefinite break from performing. They did confirm that LIB would be their last scheduled performance.