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Insomniac Presents Nocturnal Wonderland: Day Two Recap

Insomniac Presents Nocturnal Wonderland: Day Two Recap 

Day 2 was for the Bassheads. Main stage had back to back heavy hitters like Dr. Fresch, Ookay, Valentino Khan, Zomboy, then Excision… safe to say we all head banged there for a few hours. Ookay did some live vocals, but if you did manage to wander around, you might have caught the hot duo, Phantoms, playing/singing live music too at another stage. They even did a cover of Eric Clapton’s Cocaine over at the Labyrinth.

Da Black Swan for Insomniac 1

Credit – Da Black Swan for Insomniac

Day 2 (Saturday) seemed much more crowded than Day 1 (Friday), but the lines for food, alcohol, free water, and yes, even the bathrooms, weren’t bad for a festival of 45,000 headliners. Just as parking the day before, day two allowed for easy flowing parking into the event for the increase in attendees.

Quick story (sorry just have to get this out).  While walking into the event we had the pleasure of going through security with Dr. Fresch’s parents.  This was the first time his parents have been to a show of his this size and the look on their faces were, a little overwhelming.  We got to speak with them for a few minutes at the start of the festival and could read the incredible vibes they were bringing for their son.  We made sure we would try and catch them before Dr. Fresch’s set and once we got to the stage we could see them from the side of the stage, directly behind their son and the booth rocking out to his talent.  After words, we were lucky enough to run into them again and Dr. Fresch’s mom (sorry, horrible with names) came over with the largest smile, saying her son let her press the “fire” (pyrotechnics) button.  It absolutely made our night to see a performers parents SO PROUD of their son!

Walking through the festival on Saturday, similar vibes have been present at almost all Insomniac events.  People smiling, laughing and having a great time with one another.  It was also a pleasant surprise that no politics were really brought up at the festival.  By all means, each artist can express themselves any way they want, but most everyone who comes to these events, especially Insomniac’s, come to escape reality and enjoy themselves with everyone surrounding them.

The Holy Mountain for Insomniac 3

Credit – The Holy Mountain for Insomniac

Towards the end of the night, up on the top of the hill at the Sunken Garden, the lasers shot out all the way across the venue for DnB artist, Sub Focus.  This stage set up was almost perfect, the lighthouse themed stage was placed perfectly and every light portraying from it lit up the whole festival.  We ended our night with Zomboy and Exicision as we put our X’s up with the other 40,000 plus people at the Wolve’s Den.  As this wasn’t our first festival by any means, we left a bit early and were pleased (again) by the easy exit out of the festival and the smooth exiting out of the parking lot.
Insomniac did it again, they decreased the size of the festival and allowed for a more intimate viewing of some of people’s favorite artist.  The vibes of Nocturnal were incredible and it just makes us even more excited for Escape, so come celebrate Halloween with Insomniac at Escape (Psycho Circus) 2017, October 27 & 28, 2017 at the NOS Center in San Bernadino, CA.

Artists: Zedd, Tiesto, Ghastly, Illenium, Alan Walker, DJ Snake, Mike Will Made It, Nero… and many more!
Just imagine the beautiful, creative artistry of all the other Insomniac events with a scary aspect, its destined to be a groovy weekend. If you have never checked out Escape, be prepared for some wicked special effects and spooky (sketchy) characters.
Tickets: GA, VIP, 2-day, 1-day, Parking, and Shuttle passes all available at