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KAABOO Was a Massive Hit

  • Have you ever wanted to go to a festival and not feel like you are too old for these types of events?
  • How about going to a festival in which you can see a wide range of music from your past or even your parents’ past?
  • Are you sick of beer gardens and overpriced sh*tty festival food?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then we have the perfect event for you….KAABOO Del Mar Music Festival!

KAABOO is one of the most incredible events Crave the Rave has had the pleasure of attending.  There was a tremendous variety of music for everyone, food of all types and many amazing vibes from everyone who was in attendance, from staff to guests.  This festival brought musical artists from almost every time era over the last 40 years.  We experienced Steven Tyler live with Aerosmith, Hall & Oates, Cypress Hill, Jimmy Buffet and Fall Out Boy, and that’s naming only a few!  Along with these amazing musical artists, we also were able to experience comedic acts of our choosing.   Comedy professionals were a huge hit as the lines to get in were almost always long, however the staff did an amazing job flowing everyone in and allowing guests to see their favorite comedians.  There was also a culinary experience at the professional level, with live demonstrations and tastings from world-renown chefs.


Day 1

Day one was headlined by the one and only Jimmy Buffet (and the Coral Reefer Band). As always, I like to explore the entire festival on the first day in order to get the feel of how the festival runs and how other attendees like the first day of the festival.  All I could see were smiles from everyone at each stage; every stage was packed yet we all had enough room to move freely because the set up was perfect for viewing at any location. KAABOO does a great job with their set times, however the only downside was the LONG walk from stage to stage (because the festival layout is very spread out to give enough space at each stage).  It was worth it in the end, because when you your favorite song start to play by the artist, that 15 minute walk turns into about 3 minutes as you sprint right up to the perfect viewing location and rock out with your friends.

While we did not get a chance to see all of the artists perform, some that we experienced had incredible sets, such as Fall Out Boy, Echosmith, Hall & Oates, and Citizen Cope. Each artist had an amazing crowd which fueled their performances even more.  After experiencing day 1, we were more than excited to wake up and start it all over again for next two days.

Day 2

Day 2, the day I had been waiting for, finally a chance to see the legendary Aerosmith. I have been singing Aerosmith’s songs since my Dad used to play them on cassette in our family car growing up.  As expected, I enjoyed every second of their set and I felt as if Steven Tyler must have had his own personal “fan blower” who followed him around stage because his hair was flowing magically the entire set.  Hands down, it was a true rock star show with Joe Perry rocking out on his guitar. Along with Aerosmith, we were able to catch the end of the set for Chainsmokers, while they sang “Closer,” their newest hit. They ended with a bang (read: pyrotechnics and the crowd chanting the lyrics even after the set ended).


Other musical acts that were amazing were Capital Cities, Goo Goo Dolls and Flo Rida. Each a bit different in genres but brought the same incredible experience to the crowds.  Day 2, in my opinion, was by far the best.  I may be biased on this because most of my “must see artist” were on this day, but I stand by my point as this was the BEST day for musical experiences.


Day 3

Day three also brought huge names to the event with singer-song writer Jack Johnson, the talented folk band the Avett Brothers, and reggae rock/hip hop groups Rebelution and Cypress Hill. Jack Johnson was the perfect ending to this festival as he allowed us to unwind and relax to his amazing songs.  Everyone erupted when “Banana Pancakes” came on and it felt as if the entire crowd was singing in key. He even did a cover of “The Joker” (Steve Miller Band). Although day 3 brought great music, the real winner was…Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower.

This is no joke, I am a meat eater and I will never go vegan. HOWEVER, these cauliflower pieces drenched in buffalo sauce were one of the tastiest foods I have ever experienced.  This in itself made day 3 stand out, because I could enjoy amazing music while eating AMAZING (healthy) food, all for a reasonable festival price. There was a variety of food for all tastes and dietary needs, all with exceptional quality and fair festival pricing. (Also, free popcorn for everyone!)


KAABOO is an up and coming festival, with VIP experiences well worth their ticket price. Even if you go as GA, you will feel like a rock star! This festival has the pleasure of being one of the most incredible experiences at a festival I have had to date. If this company sticks to their principles of having a variety of musical genres, extremely funny comedians, great food and an amazing vibe, this will be not only my favorite festival but many people’s favorite as well.