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Carnage on the Beach: Presented by Horizon

This past weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying the sand between our toes and the tunes in our ears. Horizon hosted a fantastic beach party once again with a stacked line up all leading up to the chief of the Chipotle gang, Carnage. The environment was unreal- at the Newport Dunes Resort, literally on the beach with full access to the water surrounding the event. The stage was a floral theme, (think of it as the Coachella 2016 Besame Mucho’s younger sibling), and the most beautiful part was the crowd.

5G_Horizon_NewportDunes_carnage6 (1)

As much fun as it was to hit the dance floor, personally my favorite place to be was with my feet in the water and still have the feeling as if I was in the crowd. It was the quintessential summer day, blessed with great entertainment, awesome vibes from the crowd, and a drink in my hand…

Carnage played his hits, a very similar killer set to his infamous EDC 2016 set that brought the largest EDC crowd we’ve ever seen at a cool 90,000 strong. The crowd went wild for Carnage’s new experiment into the PSY genre and you could see the people on paddle boards swimming near the “party” beach to get a little taste of what was going on. He even brought out a few guest, including Kayzo.

Horizon did a great job finding artist that fit the scene for this event with a mix of chill music dabbled in with the party theme that Carnage brings.  One artist that really shined in our eyes was one of the openers, Brohg.  Brohg brought a unique genre of vibestep to the beach and everyone who was their was seen loving this type of music.  It was the perfect afternoon set that established how the rest of the day was going to go!


Overall this small event seemed more as if it was a private showing.  The venue was no where near “over packed” and if you did start to get a bit over crowded, the beach, with its beautiful California waters, was no more then 25ft away.  Crave the Rave expects this event to grow just as successfully as the Do Lab has over the years if they continue to keep the same chill vibes, good music and proceed with minor upgrades visually throughout the years.

So, If you think missed out on their other summer events, think again. (But don’t forget the sunscreen.) This production company has pulled other mega headliners such as 3lau, OOKAY, LOOKAS, and Prince Fox for their next event in Palm Desert in August. Check out Into the Horizon for tickets and more info. A big shout out for their ticket pricing, it’s very reasonable. For those of you who can afford the VIP lifestyle, the set up was comfortable and raised off of the sand.

Tell them Crave the Rave sent you!

Written by L. LaFave