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Jon Wolfe Performs at M15 in Corona

Jon Wolfe Performs at M15 in Corona

Country music has taken a huge turn since the days of Haggard, Williams, and even Strait. Most of the songs that we hear on the radio seem as if they can be on both Country and Pop stations.  Country music lovers realize how hard it is to find good artist throughout the internet or radio, but it is even harder to find a place to go see a GREAT live country act, especially in California.

Corona, California was blessed last night as the M15 Concert and Bar hosted Jon Wolfe. Jon has been around the country scene for just over ten years and is one of the best under rated artist in the game.  With over three albums and a few Texas hit singles, Jon is making his way to be known as a titan of country.

As we all know, California is not the home to many country music lovers in this day and age. However, last night you couldn’t tell as Corona showed up for Jon Wolfe’s incredible set.  Jon played all of his hit songs such as “Let a Country Boy Love You”, “I Don’t Dance”, “What Are You Doin’ Right Now” and my personal favorite “That Girl in Texas.”  I could barely hear Jon sing my favorite tune because the crowd was signing at the top of their lungs.

Jon seems to be the type of man who appreciates the gift he was given and loves sharing it with his supporters and his band. It will be exciting to see where this Country Music Star goes from here but all of us around Corona can’t wait for him to return to perform again.

Side note: Jon announced another album is on the way and we are hoping it is coming out sooner rather than later.